1.  Here are the rules for Art Olympic Theatre, taking place Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at the Mattress Factory Museum of Art from 5 PM to 7:30 PM.  Three teams consisting of three members each will be participating in the event, competing for the title of Masters of Installation Olympic Theatre.

2.  The object of Art Olympic Theater is to create a winning sculptural installation in approximately 100 minutes.  Winners of the competition will be judged on the following criteria: 1. Aesthetic value of the final product.  2. Performance element during building time.  3. Adherence to artist statement.  4. Creative use of materials provided.  5.  Adherence to the rules of the competition.  6. Originality of concept.

An opening ceremony for the event will take place at 5:15  PM, at which time each team should make a brief opening artist statement and have their suitcase inspected (see section 3).  The competition will begin promptly at 5:25 PM and will last 100 minutes.  At that time each team may make a final three-minute presentation (one at a time).  A team of judges will make final decisions around 7:20 PM.  Tom Sarver and Mike Cuccaro will moderate the event.

3.  Each team will be assigned to a building area with approximately 10’x10’ of floor space.  Work cannot touch the ground beyond taped off markings on the floor for each space.  The work can come in contact to walls adjacent to the floor area.  The walls, however, cannot be painted, drilled into, or altered in any permanent way.  Team floor spaces will be covered with drop cloths to prevent scratching of hardwood floors in the Mattress Factory lobby.  Screwing into wooden floor areas is allowed if needed to stabilize your work.  Team members are permitted to travel within the museum to use the restrooms or get refreshments as needed.  Team members may not leave the building to acquire more materials once the contest begins.

Each team will be provided with some general supplies to use in construction.  These supplies will be unveiled at the opening ceremony of the event.  Each team will also be provided with a basic tool kit.  Teams will also be allowed to bring in one suitcase of materials, equipment or supplies to use in the contest.  Supplies provided must be used in a creative way.  Basic tool kits provided will include: one trash bag, a power strip and extension cord, a large hot glue gun, ten hot glue sticks, a power drill, box of various screws, 2 clamp lights with bulbs, pliers, a pair of scissors and a bucket of water.  Art Olympic Theater Officials will not be able to help with material requests after the contest begins so please plan accordingly.  ONE SUITCASE of items per team may be brought to the contest.  The suitcase must be lifted and carried (not dragged or rolled) by one team member for thirty feet in order to qualify.  Suitcases may include equipment, tools, reference materials and building supplies.  NO TOXIC SUBSTANCES will be permitted in the suitcases.  Since audience members will be in the same room as the contestants,  clean air standards in the room must be maintained.  Spray paints, solvents, oil paints, solvent-based glues, epoxies and Bondo are not permitted.  Drilling into wood, and limited sawing by hand is allowed (as long as it can be done in a safe manner).  Power sanders, grinders and powers saws are not permitted.  Welding is not permitted.  Any device that emits smoke or flame is not permitted (anything that can set off the fire alarm).  In general, construction methods that may harm or pose a threat to the Mattress Factory facilities, guests, organizers or other participants will not be permitted.

Pre-made art projects, parts, videos, drawings and devices are strongly discouraged.  Suitcases may contain equipment including: video cameras, digital still cameras, laptop compters, TV or projection devices, hand saws, lights, microphones, speakers, cd players, fans, water pumps, and motors.  This does not imply that you need any of these.  You might want to bring a few drill bits and a Phillips bit for the drill.  You might want to bring a suitcase full of duct tape and sticks.  You might want an inflatable swimming pool and a bunch of feathers.  It’s up to you to bring whatever you think might be necessary.

A vacuum, brooms and garbage cans will be available.  The event crew will be assisting in the cleanup of debris around workspaces.

4.  The event should be very busy and crowded with spectators.  Visitors will not be permitted to step within team building areas.  Music and amplified announcements will be happening during the event.  Teams may request that the music end at 6:30 PM (especially if your installation contains an audio element).  During the evening, food and beverages will be served in the Mattress Factory Café.  Spectators are free to walk around the event, but they will be asked to stay off your 10’ x 10’ square (unless you invite participation within your project). Each team area will be at least twelve feet apart.

5.  Tom Sarver and the Mattress Factory may choose to adjust the rules at any time. Installations will remain on view for Sunday, February 24th and then will be dismantled on Monday, February 25 between 10AM and 3 PM.

6.  The winning team will receive a hand-made Art Olympic Theater trophy.


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