February 23rd, 2013 event at MF – Teams announced

The three team leaders for the February 23rd, Mattress Factory 35th Anniversary Bash edition of Art Olympic Theatre have announced their team members for the competition.  This is going to be a close contest!  All three team leaders have exhibited at the Mattress Factory.  All three are fierce competitors.

Christiane D. Leach has selected Kate Hansen and David Pohl as teammates.  Christiane D. and company plan an artistic journey that may include music, poetry, film,  and songwriting.  They are the Anachronistic Rites of the Mundane.  The ARM with be presenting their manifesto at the opening ceremony Art Olympic Theatre.


The next team led by Nina Barbuto is shrouded in mystery.  They are en WRAPture.  Barbuto has selected Kara Skylling (once an official member of the Art Olympic Theatre Crew) and the elusive thatch as her teammates.  

The third team, Rack Jeacher is led by Julia Cahill, whose work is currently on view at the Mattress Factory.  Cahill is a record-holding bubble blowing champion, but that is all that can be revealed about her before the contest. She has selected Julie Mallis and Anna Coufal as team members.

Team Leader Julia Cahill

Team Leader Julia Cahill

Julie Mallis is a visual artist who explores perceptions through painting and new media. Through video projection and installation art, she creates synesthetic experiences for the viewer.

Julie Mallis

Julie Mallis

Anna Coufal is not at liberty to disclose her current profession. When she’s not on duty, she likes to spend her time listening to stories, solving puzzles, and treating every day like the eternal jam that it is.

Anna Coufal

Anna Coufal



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