Art Olympic Theatre at Three Rivers Arts Festival

Don’t miss the final Art Olympic Theatre main event of this year! On Saturday June 21st, Art Olympics will be taking over Market Square, Downtown Pittsburgh.  The event features three teams of artists competing for the title “Masters of Art Olympic Theatre.” The theme for the event is “Neighborhood Challenge.” Artist Joshua Space’s team will be representing Soho Pittsburgh. Elizabeth Keating and her team will be representing Brookline. Scott Andrew and company will be representing Lawrenceville. The event begins with a concert by local Jazz band Opek at 6 PM. At 6:30 PM the opening ceremony for Art Olympic Theatre begins. Opek will continue to play throughout the evening providing a soundtrack to accompany the action. For those over 21, Penn Brewery will be providing beverages. For the first time ever, this installment of Art Olympics is FREE!

The judges for the June 21st event are Al Hoff (Pittsburgh City Paper), Kurt Shaw (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review), Laura Domencic (Pittsburgh Center for the Arts) and Jeff Inscho (Mattress Factory). The emcees for the event are Tom Sarver and Mike Cuccaro.

Art Olympic Theatre is a game show-style art contest in which three teams of artists compete to make art out of junk over a specific period of time. The art brings the action of reality television to a live Pittsburgh audience. For each event team leaders are selected. The team leaders are asked to assemble a team of four people (total) to compete to build winning sculptures out of piles of junk. The junk is unveiled to the groups at the beginning of the event. Each team must follow basic rules of the contest. Teams are also allowed to bring in one suitcase of materials.  Teams are judged on the following criteria: 1. Creative use of materials provided. 2. Performance element during  building time. 3. Aesthetic value of the final piece.


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